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Student on campus: I would rather read this philosophy book for my class than the bible you’re waving at me threateningly….

Bible thumper who regularly harasses people on campus telling them they’re stupid and going to hell: I’m sick of coming here and having you people shove your opinions down my throat!

Student on campus: oh really? How does that feel?

Surrounding passerby: *uproar of laughter.

The campus cops have literally had to remove this guy before. I really hope he leaves for good -_-‘


there was a fight in the cafeteria today because somebody got 100+ on flappy bird and announced it to the entire place so naturally everyone tried to beat the score and there was this guy who nearly beat the score but he didn’t and he got so pissed he tried to throw his phone at the wall but it hit someone else instead and they started to shove and punch each other and the moral of the lesson is to never install flappy bird 

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